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2014 Fundraiser Plant List





A) Regent Serviceberry

6 - 12 Inches height

$15.00 ea.

Zone 2-7 Mature height and spread 4-6 ft. Compact habit. Large white flowers. Sweet, black/purple fruit good for eating and making jelly. Gray green foliage. Yellow / red fall color.

B) Northern Gold Forsythia

18 - 24 Inches height

$18.00 ea.

Zone 3-8 Mature Height 6-8 ft. Spread 5-7 ft. Upright. Golden yellow flowers in spring before dark green foliage emerges Flowers develop to top of branches. Gray-Green branches. Outstanding flower color and bud hardiness.

C) Gold flame Spirea

12 - 15 Inches spread

$19.00 ea.

Zone 4-8 Mature height 2-3 ft. Spread 3-4 ft. Bright golden spring foliage turning green in summer. Light crimson flowers mid summer. Radiant copper-orange fall foliage

D) Pink Flowering Almond

18 - 24 Inches height

$19.00 ea.

Zone 4-8 Mature height 4-6 ft. spread 3-4 ft. Double pink flowers early April-May. Yellow fall color. Ideal for foundation plantings or border.

E) Red Prince Weigela

18 - 24 Inches Height

$21.00 ea.

Zone 4-8 Mature Height and spread 5-6 ft. Branches arch as plant ages. Medium to dark green foliage. Flowers hold color as they age. Strong tendency for secondary bloom. Very hardy.

F) Dwarf Burning Bush

12 - 15 Inches Height

$23.00 ea.

Zone 4 Mature Height 5-8 ft. spread 4-6 ft. Rounded ,compact form, Brilliant red fall color. Disease resistant. Excellent for hedges.

G) James MacFarlane Lilac

24 - 30 inches

$25.00 ea.

Zone 2-7 Mature Height 8 ft. Single, true pink flowers bloom two weeks later than other lilacs. The dark green foliage turns yellow, green in fall. This lilac is hardy and adaptable to powdery mildew.

H) Pink Flowering Crabapple (Adams)

5 - 6 ft.

$42.00 ea.

Zone 4-8 Mature Height 20’ Spread 20’ Disease Resistant Small Fruit 5/8” persist into winter. Foliage is green with red tinge in spring and summer turning orange-red into fall.