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How to Plant Bare Root Plants

It is best to plant bare-root trees and shrubs quickly, to keep the roots from drying out. If you can't plant because of weather or soil conditions, store them in a cool place and keep the roots moist. Do not prune the tops or roots except to remove damaged material.

Prepare the plant by unpacking it and soaking its roots in a bucket of water for 18 to 24 hours. Do not plant with packing materials attached to roots, and do not allow roots to dry out.

Dig a hole, wider than seems necessary, so the roots can spread without crowding. Remove any grass within a three-foot circular area. To aid root growth, turn soil in an area up to 3 feet in diameter.

Plant the tree at the same depth it stood in the nursery, without crowding the roots. Partially fill the hole, firming the soil around the lower roots. Do not add soil amendments.

Shovel in the remaining soil. It should be firmly, but not tightly packed with your heel. Construct a water-holding basin around the tree. Give the tree plenty of water.

After the water has soaked in, place a 2-inch deep protective mulch area 3 feet in diameter around the base of the tree (but not touching the trunk).

Water the tree generously every week or 10 days during the first year.



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