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Introducing the Enchanted Gardens Bare Root Fundraising Program


We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Enchanted Gardens, a family owned business that has been in operation since 1986.

We are a full service Garden center, Florist and Landscape Design and Build Firm located on 5 riverside acres in Upstate New York. We have been selling barefoot trees and shrubs in our garden center and installing them in our designs since our inception.

The idea of selling trees and shrubs came about when my daughter’s freshman class planned on raising funds for future school trips, my daughter (who was class president-always the proud father) had to think of some fundraising ideas. One thought led to another and we came up with selling trees and shrubs that had been specially selected to be super hardy for the area and adaptable to a wide range of soils and conditions.

moneypileIn two weeks time, the class had sold over six thousands dollars worth of plants!

This translated into two thousand dollars of profit for the class, with the bulk of the selling done by twenty students!

School classes and organizations have been selling barefoot trees and shrubs that we provided in our area since 1995 and have been very successful.

We will provide you with all the sales tools you will need for a successful fundraiser, this will include:

  • List of Trees and Shrubs for sale specially selected for your climate (Zone)
  • Color photographs of the plants you can download from our website
  • Planting guide and care sheet for the plants to help them get established
  • Instructions on how to prepare your plants for distribution

What better way to raise funds, then to sell a viable plant that keeps giving and increasing in form and function, providing food and cover for wildlife, cooling your homes in summer, providing a windbreak in winter and increasing the value of your property. Studies show that a mature landscape increases the value of your property by 20% to 30%!

Enchanted Gardens Bare Root Fundraisers offers a unique alternative to the traditional bake, cookie and magazine sales many schools and organizations traditionally rely on to raise funds. Instead of asking people to buy unhealthy food they don't need or magazines they don't want, you can offer them an opportunity to beautify their homes and properties while helping preserve the environment - and you can even save them some money at the same time!

How do bare root trees and shrubs differ from traditional plants? During the previous year's fall season, the bare root grower digs out plants, cleans and treats the roots and bundles the plants for cold storage, putting the plants into a dormant state. The plant will not begin to grow again until the plant is back in the ground and experiences a few weeks of warmth and moisture.


  • Bareroot plants cost less per plant compared to container material of comparable size. A great value!
  • Bareroot plants are lighter in weight and less bulky, resulting in economical freight expenses.
  • Because bareroot plants are shipped dormant, they can be planted in the ground as soon as the frost has left. In some cases this can take place up to a month earlier than potted material.
  • Bareroot material has been used for over one hundred years in the Nursery industry, it is easy to handle, transport and plant.
  • Bareroot plants are healthy, viable and adapt to marginal sites readily.

Everyone Wins With Bare Root Fundraising!

The best time to schedule your fundraiser is early spring, the plants are dug up in the fall and kept in climate controlled buildings for spring shipping. The plants are shipped late March until early May to keep them in the dormant state and to prevent freezing of the root system.

We will be adding items to this web site as the days go by.

Please feel free to call us at 1-607-693-2755. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Yours in the environment,

Steve Johnson




The green, healthy and affordable way to raise some green for your school or organization.